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New evasi0n jailbreak already the most popular iOS hack ever

The JailbreakMe website which allows users to experience a browser-based jailbreak for their iOS devices is fantastic for jailbreakers, but works because of a vulnerability in iOS: the iPhone automatically downloads PDF files, and also the developer, Comex injected the jailbreak code in to the FlateDecode stream section of the file.

Currently, an advanced iPhone 4s owner, there's no Jailbreak iOS 9.2.1 designed for your device. However, there is a good side. A jailbreak is imminent and really should be available next couple of days. If you'd would like to get the latest news about the jailbreak for that iPhone 4s, follow these accounts on Twitter:

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Due to its excellent recovery functionality and easy-to-use feature, the FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is designed for anyone who has deleted important photos, messages, contacts etc. unintentionally, people who lost date after jailbreak or upgrade to iOS 8 and those who have had their iPhone lost/stolen/damaged. In a word, it is ideal for those who have a desire to recuperate lost or deleted data from iPhone.

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